3 Digital Marketing Lessons the Pandemic Has Taught Us 

The pandemic has taught many people in digital marketing good lessons. Those who are following luminaries in the industry can take a look at what Brad Russell has to say about marketing during the pandemic. Plus, marketing professionals need to adapt because the pandemic has made it more and more difficult for consumers to make wise spending decisions. 


  1. Value Is Always Required


Consumers always need value, and they cannot wait for the sales pitch to come. Marketing needs to be as basic as possible. Explain what the consumer gets out of the product, explain how the product works, and sell. There is no need to go on and on about the product. Customers only want to know if they should make a purchase. 


  1. Marketing Needs To Be Eye-Catching


The pandemic requires marketers to capture the attention of customers. Most customers have no desire to check out an ad that looks bland or has boring colors. The marketing plan should also give clear contact information for the business. Customers will reach out if they know how to get in touch, but they do not have time to research these companies for hours on end. 


  1. Marketing Should Reach As Many People As Possible


People are often working from home and do not go to the places they normally would. When someone is learning about a new product or business, they are not seeing the billboards they normally would. They are not seeing all the ads they would have seen on TV because they are working, and they are not learning about products via word of mouth from friends.


You should advertise on mobile devices and apps. You need to try all the social media platforms, and you should link your advertising to the pandemic in some way. This is the easiest way to reach people who have been working outside their routines for many months.


You Can Market Yourself Better Today


You can market yourself much better using these tips. The pandemic requires that marketers get right to the point, but it also requires marketers to offer value to each customer. Anything less is not helpful. Plus, marketers need to try every platform possible so that they can reach as many new customers as they can. As you formulate your new marketing plan, you can use these tips to improve your marketing plan while also adjusting like your customers have.

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