How Media and also the Food Industry Affect Your Wellbeing, by Actress and Radio Host Rhio

Kevin: You are in media that is very awesome because Let me get the opinion about this next question from the media perspective. What’s the media searching for when they’re searching for health information? Could they be just searching to repeat the same kind of news? I’d believe that they’d

want a single article new points.

Rhio: I’d just a little 90-second place which was being syndicated, known as “The Fruit and Veggie Lady.” Used to do a place once on dairy and also the station known as my lady up and stated the dairy industry had known as him since the station was funded by ads from dairy. They objected as to the I had been saying about dairy. On television, this will depend, like I would not say I am not an element of the mainstream media because I am more an element of the subterranean media.

My spouse and i own our very own internet radio station. We are looking to get these details in another way since it is so couple of and between your possibilities that people can acquire the information out. Once I had been asked to take a show a known as “American Journal” plus they had requested me to obtain people who had healed themselves of significant disease using the raw food diet, and so i got them

somebody that had healed themself of bone cancer, fourth stage.

Kevin: Wow!

Rhio: They did an excellent interview with him. He told his whole entire story. If this aired, the bone cancer part remained completely out!

Kevin: Are you currently serious?

Rhio: It wasn’t even just in there. The things they did is…he’d lost his bone cancer by fasting and through a weight raw food diet. It required him in regards to a year to become obvious from the cancer. He told the entire story, but while losing cancer, he’d lost over 100 pounds. You know what they focused on?

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