Pros and cons of hiring full-time domestic helpers

If you plan to get a foreign domestic worker, then it means that you want to settle for a full-time domestic helper. There are several factors you have to check out, including 外傭,before getting to the final decision.

You must know the pros and cons of domestic workers so that you see if you are ready for the cons or not.

Hiring full-time domestic helpers

If you want more help in your home, especially in terms of looking after your kids or elderly parents while you are at work, then going for a live-in domestic helper might be the best choice. But before that, you have to understand that doing so has its advantages and disadvantages that you ought to know.



There is no peace than knowing that you have a reliable domestic helper while you are at your busiest or work. A full-time domestic helper lives with you and work for you for a specific period, depending on the contract you have with them. You will be able to rely on her to help with the house chores or take care of your children or elderly parents while you are working. 


The good thing about full-time maids is that they will be familiar with what they are supposed to do on a daily basis. They will work independently after a few weeks of showing them what they ought to do. Since they will be staying with your family, there is a need that you have a good relationship with them so that the job is done correctly.

A broad scope of the job

Because the full-time maid lives in your house, they will be readily available whenever you need them for a certain task. If you go to an employment agency, you will get several of these maids waiting to be employed full time. They can do all types of domestic work while you are busy working. That is why, before you hire them, you should ensure that they are reliable.


Employer-helper issues

Employing a foreign domestic helper means that there are likely cultural differences that you have to be mindful of. Some might not be fluent in English or the language you speak in the house, posing hurdles in communication. 

There is a need that you read about the culture where the helper is coming from before you employ them and ensure your instructions are as simple as possible. When you make an effort to understand your foreign domestic helper, they will be motivated to do their best. 

You will have to provide extra room

Because the full-time made will be living with you during the time of their contract, you will need to prepare some room for them to place their personal belongings and rest after the day’s work. 

Having to look after your elderly parents, do the house chores, or take care of your energetic kids daily is something that is tiring,  and thus, you have to ensure the maid’s mental and physical wellbeing is taken care of.

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